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Innovation Flavours

A true Burger Lovestory

Bell presents unique Flavours for tasty Burger Sauces. 

Burgers showed strong growth in the last three years and can be seen as the most popular menu section worldwide. 57% of consumers...

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Sensory Flavour Pairing

… and how to formulate vegan soft drinks. 

With a trend seeing in food products for recent years, beverages are also heavily affected by the veggie hype. The development of a...

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Flavour Trends 2016

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA – Flavour Trends 2016.

Every year, Bell EMEA's marketing and flavour specialists offer an insight into current and emerging flavour trends for the upcoming period, based...

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Fruit Aqua

No Water – No Juice, but the best of both. 

Non-alcoholic beverages are constantly characterised by continuing changes of and within the segments. Taking a look onto Energy- and Lifestyle Dinks...

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Power Bar

Trend Concept for Protein Snacks. 

Active lifestyles, health concerns and a growing interest in personal appearance and fitness is driving the use of sports nutrition products. Especially during outdoor activities –...

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Fresh. Spicy. Green.

Natural Flavours for Culinary Herbs. 

Technology is increasingly ushering in a return to nature – people are moving towards pure, natural and simple food, putting vegetables, herbs and spices back in...

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Innovation Fragrances

Stars, Nebulae & Galaxies

A DEEP-SKY-Concept for laundry detergents. 

Deep-sky objects are astronomical objects other than individual stars and Solar System objects (such as Sun, Moon, planets, comets, etc.). The classification is used for the...

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Boudoir Glam

Enchanting fragrances for sensual women. 

Women have become more confident. They feel comfortable in their own skin, want to celebrate their sex appeal – with beguiling sensuous fragrances that leave nothing...

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Fragrance Trends 2016

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA – Fragrance Trends 2016.

As an annual tradition, Bell´s marketing and fragrance experts offer an insight in the fragrance trends for the upcoming year. Intensive market...

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Liquid Gold

Fragrances for Body, Face and Hair Oils. 

Oils are a part of traditional Far East beauty rituals. They have always been known as “Liquid Gold“. After the successful revival of hair...

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The Oud Effect

Arabic-French Perfumes. 

Feinparfüm mit Oud Effekt. Der typische Oud-Duft wird vor allem im arabischen Raum verwendet, hat jedoch in der vergangenen Zeit einen Hype auf der ganzen Welt erfahren. Dabei wird...

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Dream Team 2in1

Trendconcepts for Hand soap Dishwashing. 

Is there a certain something you are missing in the kitchen? Indeed: a product that combines dishwashing liquid and hand soap! Bell’s fragrance and product concept...

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Do you know?

New products meat substitutes

New product introductions in meat substitutes grew by nearly 80% between 2008 and 2013. Source: Mintel GNPD

Facial Shaving

All together men spend 140 days of their life by shaving the face. Source: Brigitte.

Vinegar product developments

Vinegar is particularly strong in the UK, with one quarter of all new product developments. Source: Mintel GNPD


50% of the German bakery consumers require more variety within this product category, especially with savoury flavours. Source: GNPD/Mintel


Women who apply lipstick daily, consume in this way an entire lipstick a year. Source: Brigitte.

An Apple a Day…

Germans love apples? The total consumption is about 25 kg per year. Quelle: Statista

Ice Cream

… Finland’s consumers belong to THE ice cream gourmets – with an average per capita consumption of 8,6 g per capita and year

Cleaning Products

Did you know that 30% of German consumers said that the brand WC-ENTE was one of their favourite in 2014? Quelle: Statista/VuMa


…the average per capita consumption of chocolate within Europa is about 4,63 kg per year (world-wide average: 1,00 kg) Source: GNPD/Mintel


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